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Karla Lant is an experienced freelance writer, author, journalist and editor, and an adjunct professor. She focuses on science, technology, politics, education, and technical writing.

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410ppm article

Earth Just Passed 410 PPM CO2 Levels for the First Time in Human History

Earth just crossed another dangerous threshold in relation to climate change: an atmospheric carbon dioxide reading of 410 ppm. This is just more evidence that a concerted, global effort is needed for the health and survival of our planet.

Plastic waste article

An Engineer Has Found a Way to Create Plastic Roads

An engineer has developed a way to use waste plastic as a binding agent in asphalt, replacing most of the conventional bitumen, an oil product. His method reduces plastic waste, decreases the need for oil, and creates longer-lasting roads.

Waymo trial 6156 article

You Can Now Apply to Get Free Rides in Self-Driving Cars

Waymo is testing its self-driving cars in Phoenix, and it's looking for hundreds of riders. The trial is the next step toward getting autonomous cars on the road and making that road safer for everyone.

Dementia article

We May Already Have the Pills We Need to End Memory Loss

Scientists may have found two drugs that could prevent memory loss and effectively treat neurodegenerative brain diseases, including dementia. Clinical trials should start soon and be completed within 2 to 3 years.

Wax worms article

Plastic-Eating Caterpillars Could Help Bring an End to Pollution

Researchers have discovered that wax worms eat through polyethylene plastic, biodegrading it. If the scientists can determine how the process works, they may be able to devise an industrial-scale solution for plastic waste management.

Hi and ai article

Academy Award-Nominated Filmmaker’s Next Project? Merging The Human Brain With AI

Warrior Poets and Futurism Studios are partnering on a new documentary that explores the ways in which human intelligence and artificial intelligence are evolving. The documentary will ultimately investigate how technology can allow us to augment human intelligence and unlock the power of the human mind.

Supercharger expansion article

Tesla Just Announced Plans for a Major Expansion

Tesla will double the number of its Superchargers and Destination Charging connectors in urban centers and on long distance routes in 2017. This is part of the company's ongoing commitment to clean energy.

Net neutrality 1013499 1920 article

Canada Just Took a Major Stand for Net Neutrality

Canada's administration has decided that internet service providers cannot exempt certain kinds of content, such as streaming video, from counting toward a user's data cap. This protection of net neutrality currently exists in the US, but maybe not for much longer.

Power plant article

Britain Goes 24 Hours Without Coal-Generated Power for the First Time in 135 Years

The U.K. had its first 24-hour stretch of entirely coal-free power generation this week. It is likely to be the first of many as the nation progresses toward its goal of shutting down its remaining coal power plants by 2025.

Louisiana wetlands article

Governor of Louisiana Declares State of Emergency as State’s Coastline Disappears

The Governor of Louisiana declared a state of emergency on April 18 based on the continuous, rapid erosion of the state's coastline. The Louisiana coast is the eye of a perfect storm for land loss caused by multiple factors, including climate change.

Quantum crystals article

Scientists: “We Have Detected the Existence of a Fundamentally New State of Matter”

Scientists have discovered a fundamentally new state of matter: 3D quantum liquid crystals. These have the potential to advance microchip technology and quantum computing.

Lilium jet article

A Real Life, All-Electric Flying Car Just Took Off

Your flying car might finally be on the way as the all-electric, two-seater Lilium Jet took its first test flight this week. Lilium Aviation's prototype consumes around 90 percent less energy than drone-style aircraft and could be the transportation mode of the future.

Neil degrasse tyson article

Watch: Neil deGrasse Tyson Has a Critically Important Message for Americans

Neil deGrasse Tyson posted a four-minute clip on Facebook that he claimed contains what might be the most important words he has ever spoken. In the video, he warns that science denial could cause our democracy to collapse.

Solar array article

Solar Power Is Cheaper, but the World Is Still Running on Fossil Fuels

Even without subsidies, new wind and solar power plants are usually cheaper than new coal, nuclear, or natural gas power plants. In fact, they are often not only cheaper, but substantially so. According to Lazard, levelized cost of energy (LCOE) estimates based on averages for the U.S. as a whole show that utility-scale renewables are far less expensive than conventional power sources — even when historical subsidies for conventional power sources, or social costs such as healthcare for coal-related health problems, aren’t taken into account...

Facebook drone article

Facebook is Going to Use Drones to Beam Internet Everywhere

Facebook is working to get people online everywhere using drones that beam internet down to users. These drones could eventually provide connectivity for months at a time, as well as disaster relief.