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Karla Lant is an experienced freelance writer, journalist, editor, and adjunct professor. She focuses on science, technology, politics, education, and technical writing. Browse by publication below.

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Open uri20170819 17233 q7qt3v article

Expert: We Need to Change How We Teach STEM Subjects to Young People

STEM industries are booming, yet experts assert that our current teaching methods aren't adequately preparing today's children for these future jobs. Addressing young people’s negative perceptions of STEM subjects and bringing more real-world examples of STEM into the classroom could change that.

Open uri20170819 14516 r9lzpz article

The Same Tech Propelling Satellites in Space Could Power Tiny Robots on Earth

Ion propulsion has traditionally been used to propel spacecraft, but it may now power tiny insect-inspired robots. These bots could be used for search and rescue, pollination, and air quality monitoring when they are finally ready for use.

Open uri20170819 17233 spkk7u article

Head of IBM Watson Says AI Will Augment Human Beings

In an interview with PC Mag, Rob High has explained how AI like IBM's Watson will help humans, and is a tool for use by the human mind. His views are in line with Mark Zuckerberg's and many AI researchers, contrasting Elon Musk's warnings of the dangers of this technology.

Open uri20170819 17237 wvpigc article

Here's Everything You Need to Know About the Recent Human Gene Editing Trial in the US

Recently, scientists achieved a world first using the genetic editing tool, CRISPR, when they corrected a genetic mutation that causes heart failure in viable human embryos. This means that certain genetic defects may be relatively simple to correct in the near future. The issue that really has people talking, though, is the fact that the same tool could potentially be used to enhance healthy embryos, altering physical traits such as appearance or mental traits like intelligence.

Open uri20170819 14516 1gz3vab article

Scientists Have Officially Created Healthy Offspring from Genetically Infertile Male Mice

Scientists have discovered a technique for removing extra sex chromosomes in stem cells and producing fertile offspring in mice. If they can transfer this technique to use in humans, men with chromosomal infertility may be able to have children.

Open uri20170816 11817 nl0e7d article

The First Truly Applicable Hologram Tech is Here

Australian company Euclideon has created the first real multi-user hologram table in the world, and it's going to change gaming, business, and so much more. This new tech solves previous problems with holographic images using motion-tracking glasses.

Open uri20170816 18448 kvhu01 article

A New Computing Technology Mimics Aspects of Human Thought

Researchers have developed a new computing technology called “organismoids” that mimics the way human thought works, forgetting less important memories and keeping critical information. Quantum materials have made the advance possible.

Open uri20170816 18440 11zj361 article

Bitcoin Now Comes From Satellites in Space. Welcome to the Future.

Bitcoin software company Blockstream announced that its Blockstream Satellite network will transmit the cryptocurrency down from space, enabling people in places with little support for the blockchain network to access bitcoin.

Open uri20170816 9445 14p0jb1 article

Goldman Sachs Analyst Predicts Bitcoin Price Could Hit $4,800

Goldman Sachs analyst and head of technical strategy, Sheba Jafari, just predicted that the price of bitcoin might soar as high as $4,800. If so, it may precede a market correction as the fifth wave subsides.

Open uri20170816 25169 36up5p article

As New Electric Vehicles Come to Market, Older Models Get Discounted Up to $20,000

As new EVs like Tesla's Model 3 hit the market, and utility providers in various states and cities create incentives, choices for consumers multiply. Existing EVs are now priced to sell, fueling the transition to clean energy vehicles.

Open uri20170816 9445 m9r9jr article

Catch the Eclipse While You Can — They Won’t Happen in the Future

Earth's total solar eclipses are the way they are due to chance and alignment, a perfect combination of size and distance between the players. But as the moon keeps moving, eclipses of the future will change.

Open uri20170814 7358 65zmpw article

Generative Design Could Radically Transform the Look of Our World

Generative design tools can create lightweight, stronger designs that use less material in almost any context, as they use algorithms to generate designs within parameters set by users. Experts think these designs will become common by 2020.

Open uri20170814 25005 fm4zed article

Are Probiotics the Key to Solving Humanity’s Health Issues?

Probiotics are hailed by some as a cure-all, but in reality the industry is unregulated and unpredictable. These healthy bacteria have amazing potential to support human health, but will require more research to prove which work, for whom, and how.

Open uri20170814 7362 1pviss6 article

A New Tool Makes Scientific Writing Easier for the Public to Grasp

Researchers have created the De-Jargonizer, a free tool for scientists hoping to make their work more accessible to the general public. This kind of tool is important now, as better science communication is critical to regaining public trust.

Open uri20170814 7358 hgo4xl article

Circular RNA Sheds New Light On How the Brain Works

Researchers have linked circular RNAs, which are plentiful in the brains of mammals, to brain function. This research may pave the way for new treatments for psychiatric disorders.