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Snail neurons article

Scientists Selectively Erased Memories In Snails — Are We Next?

Scientists were able to erase certain kinds of memories while retaining others in snail neurons. While much more research is required before this is attempted in humans, the researchers are hopeful that this study could one day lead to new therapies for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Pepper article

The Company That Builds Robots for Tesla Wants to Put a Bot in Your Home

Kuka, the maker of robots that build Teslas, and Midea, a Chinese home appliance company, are joining forces to enter the consumer robotics market. They plan for their robots to use AI, like digital assistants such as Alexa, but also be capable of physical functions and mobility.

Google quantum computing article

Google is Closer Than Ever to a Quantum Computer Breakthrough

Google is on schedule to produce a 49 qubit chip and achieve quantum supremacy by the end of 2017. This is a critical step along the way to functional quantum computers that can achieve problems far beyond the capacity of traditional systems.

Lisa concept article

Europe’s Space Program Will Launch a Gravitational Wave Hunting Spacecraft in 2034

At a recent ESA Science Program Committee meeting the LISA mission was set for a 2034 launch. The trio of satellites will search for gravitational waves from collisions of supermassive black holes millions of times larger than those detected by LIGO.

Ethereum article

Ether is King of Cryptocurrency — For Now

Bitcoin has achieved record highs this year: currently, it’s worth almost three times as much as it was for most of January. Even so, Ether’s success this year is eclipsing Bitcoin’s, given that Ether has risen an unbelievable 4,500 percent in 2017. When we rang in the new year, Ether was worth only around 5 percent as much as Bitcoin, but as of this week, The New York Times reports that “outstanding units of the Ether currency were worth around $34 billion. . .82 percent as much as all the Bitcoin in existence.”

Zuckerberg article

Here’s What The Most Successful People in the World Think About UBI

As automation advances every day and the debate surrounding universal basic income (UBI) heats up, more thought leaders are speaking out on the subject. Here's what some of the most influential people in the U.S. think about UBI.

Cat in a box article

How Schrödinger’s Cat Helps Explain the New Findings About the Quantum Zeno Effect

Even if you’re not that into heavy science, you’re probably familiar with Schrödinger’s cat, the thought experiment that allows us to consider quantum states in which more than one state is possible at once. The cat is in a box that is closed, and with it is a vial of poison, a hammer that can smash the vial, a geiger counter, and a trace amount of radioactive material. The radioactive material, however, is such a small amount that the geiger counter has only a 50 percent chance of detecting it. If it does, it will trigger the hammer’s smashing of the vial, and the cat will die.

Wind farm article

Sweden Passes New Law to Become Carbon Neutral By 2045

Sweden has passed a law accelerating its timetable for achieving carbon neutrality. The country is joined by other world leaders (with the exception of the U.S.) in renewed commitments to the Paris goals and the fight against climate change.

Sunless tanning article

Scientists Create “Sun-Free Tan” With Chemical That Also Keeps Skin Safe From Sun Damage

Researchers have created a compound from a natural chemical that boosts melanin in the skin without sun exposure. This tanning effect works with any skin tone and boosts natural protection against skin cancer.

45 article

Trump is Asking Tech Leaders to Help Modernize U.S. Government

On Monday tech leaders met with administration officials as the American Tech Council to discuss modernizing the government. As technologies like artificial intelligence and autonomous cars quickly advance, the government has the opportunity to utilize these powerful tools as well as the challenge of regulating them.

Thermometer by peyesces article

By 2100, Climate Change-Driven Heatwaves Could Threaten 74% of the Population

A new study found that climate change-driven heatwaves currently threaten the lives of 30% of the world's population. If no action is taken against climate change, they predict the number will climb to 74% by 2100.

Chj electric car article

A Tesla Rival is Planning to Launch a $7,800 Electric Car in 2018

Chinese startup CHJ Automotive will be releasing its "ultra-compact" electric car in March of 2018. The model will run on changeable batteries so it will require little wait time to charge, and should run about $7,800.

Dna replicating diagram article

Scientists Capture DNA Replication On Video for the First Time. Here’s What it Revealed.

Scientists have captured video footage of DNA replicating for the first time. The video reveals that the process is more chaotic than once believed and prompts new questions about how the cell prevents mutations.

Space tug article

Electric “Space Tug” Could Make Moon Flights More Economical Than Ever

Plans for an electric-powered space tug are now under review by scientists. The space tug would transport cargo between the moon and Earth without expensive fuels, helping to lower the cost of space travel and make it more accessible.

Powerpacks article

Tesla Wins Contract With Transgrid to Bring More Sustainable Power to Australia

Elon Musk and Tesla are working to bring more sustainable power to Australia as Tesla wins a contract to install Powerpacks in New South Wales. The Powerpacks will be part of the "demand response" technique to smooth spikes in the power supply.