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Karla Lant

Freelance Writer and Editor

Karla Lant is an experienced freelance writer, journalist, editor, and adjunct professor. She focuses on science, technology, politics, education, and technical writing. Browse by publication below.

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Startupmarketinginfluencers1c article

The top 12 marketing experts to follow on social media

If you're an entrepreneur nurturing your own business or startup into a full-blown success, you are always looking for advice, but you probably don’t have extra time to figure out where you should be looking for that advice. Following startup marketing experts on social media is the fastest, easiest way to get the information you need, but it’s not always easy to determine who to follow or where the most value is.

Digital printing vs offset printing article

Digital vs. offset printing: choosing the right technique

If you're in the market for brochures, business cards, posters or other marketing materials, you already know that you’re going to need to come up with the perfect design, color scheme, copy and layout. However, even after you’ve checked off all of those boxes, there’s another very important decision to make: choosing between digital vs. offset printing.

Business cards article

7 business card design tips that will rock your brand - 99designs Blog

First impressions last. You’ve got seconds to ensure that first and lasting impression is positive. A well designed, unique business card is a fantastic way to make a strong impression. It’s also your emergency way to connect, since real life means unexpectedly meeting a woman in spin class who produces the exact kind of widgets your product needs to be perfect.

Anatomy article

Anatomy of a Book Cover

Cover creation is the very last creative step when publishing a book. That’s because almost everything about the anatomy of a book cover is controlled by the final, edited version of the book: the trim size, paper color and number of pages all determine your cover’s dimensions. There is never a good reason to design the cover before the final draft is finished, because doing so is likely to mean you’ll need to do it again anyway.

Clickable social article

4 tips for creating the most clickable, shareable social images ...

If you're working to build up your social media presence, you know that images are essential to boosting your online engagement. In fact, content with images gets almost twice as many views. If you’re not sharing images your audience loves, you’re missing out on serious engagement.

Book cover article

How to create a book cover

Your book cover is the face of your work, the part the entire world sees—and often the only piece. A great book cover lets people instantly get a feel for what the book is about, and why they should read it.

14 design tips article

15 banner ad design tips to get more clicks - 99designs Blog

oping to boost your online traffic with better ads, you may be asking yourself: what is web banner design? Web banner design focuses on the systematic creation of effective web banner ads through the careful application of basic design guidelines.

Vintage logos featured 1 article

23 of the coolest vintage and retro logos

If you’ve been thinking about creating a vintage or retro-looking logo for your business, you’re in great company. This kind of look is very popular, yet leaves so much room for creativity and personalization that it’s still unique looking and far from played out.

Banner article

3 alternatives to Flash banner ads

Many businesses rely on Flash banner ads because they’re so eye-catching, but they’re soon to be extinct! In this article, we’ll show you why these interactive ads are going the way of the dinosaur and give you some alternative ways to build cool ads online. The bottom line: you can still create striking, beautiful banner ads—even animated ones—all without Flash.